Friday, April 27, 2007

MPK! MPK!!!!



Apparently they're manaburning the Wivre at Nyzul Isle, and...well let's just say I now love the new hate system.

What they do, is they have a WHM puller, who runs around flashing ALL OF THE WIVRE. Drives me nuts. Anyways, then they are slept by one of the BLM, then they all -aga them. NOW. Due to the wierdness of the new hate system, they tend to go...unclaimed while slept.

Well, I decided to put an end to their Wivre hogging.

Soon as they went unclaimed, I cast Poisonga. BAM. All the Wivre awaken and flatten the alliance of taru BLM. After two or three times they just DC'd.

Score one for the good guys.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just a quickie post today, so much stuff to do for graduation!

Did a Dynamis Windurst run with my shiny new shell, and, despite a minor hiccup involving a BLM and a squad of yagudo, we got the win! ALSO, I got these:

Needless to say, I'm a very happy person!

2/5 Dark Knight after two runs really makes the blood run!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sky oh My.

Yowza! Lots has happened since my last post! Because of a scheduling problem, I had left my old EndGame shell "DLV", and I was taken in by a Sky shell lots of my friends are in: Lollipop Kids. It's a sky linkshell, and does the occasional NM. They have an attached dynamis shell and Limbus shell too!

Now, to the good stuff.

My first order of business was a saturday in sky with them. LOTS of fun. We managed to get one of every pop item save Despot, who we got tuesday before an awesome god run (more on that later). These guys are incredible! The coordination they display is

After the sky trigger farming run, we went up to Xarcabard for a little dynamis farming. Now, unknown to me at the time, I was the ONLY DRK in the shell. While we only had 2 BLM for the wall of eyes, we somehow managed to kill them all, and farmed out to the end of the time limit. Which was awesome, because near the end of the run, a ABYSS BURGEONET dropped, which I was allowed to lot. Yey! Hardest DRK relic obtained, and on my first run!

Next run out I went to Simurgh with Cauter, Lollirot, and some others as we camped vs the RMT that are always out there. We got claim, I tanked it a bit as DRK, but alas, no drop T_T

Fast forward to this tuesday. God run! We had a great turnout, and I even got 2 abjurations nobody wanted! I'm now the proud owner of a Adaman Celata and a pair of Adaman Solerettes!

2 Seiryu and some Kirin are left over, and I hope to get a hecabody abjuration or Crimson hands (though I'm not getting my hopes up).


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Heir to the Throne

Well well well, my time in Vana'diel has been jam packed with adventure as of late!

I've set aside a lot of time to level a melee damage dealer to 75, and I've chosen my lovable Dark Knight, which after a long leveling spree, is now 3600 experience points from level 74. Wee!

I've spent a lot of gil trying to be the best DRK I can be, and I do mean a LOT. I've got a way to go til I can buy a Plastron though, but I'm working my way there! (That is, if I don't blow my gil on a Gold Algol first >_>)

Dark Knight has been a very large trial for me, mainly in the area of Weaponskill points. But lucky for me, I've got great friends to help me out along the way. When I needed my scythe of trials cleaned, Morbo helped my smash some crabs to break the latent, and when my sword of trials was ready to a good scrubbing, Shairi and her awesome Regen skills allowed me to tank as a DRK, and the latent on my Sword was broken some three hours later.

The notorious monsters were trouble too. I joined a WSNM run with my endgame shell DLV, and we did the two WSNM in the area: Decimation and Spiral Hell. It took me some time to get people rallied together to smush my Ground Strike WSNM "Maharaja", but I logged in lst night to find people ready and more then willing to crush some fangs (I ate a Razor Fang that took me from 80% hp to zero...guess I should have subbed ninja <_>). Thanks again guys!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hectic past, so excuse me if I haven't been posting.

I've been busy in both RL and Vana'diel, with lots of action on both fronts.
I'll spare you the boring non-stop heart pounding action that is my RL.

Well, maybe a little RL action:
Yes, after 4 years of putting up with teachers that hated me, office politics, ect, I'll finally be graduating with my B.A. in Paleogeography!

End RL.

Lots to report here.
- finished the new missions
- achieved CS rank
- got my 2nd lv.75 job (RDM)
- got a great exp static with two friends (Cosiala [PLD] and Amiina [SAM]) with myself as my lv. 68 DRK.
- currently raising THREE CHOCOBO (CobaltAce - Blue, DukeCrimson - Red, and Baron III - Yellow - mother of DukeCrimson)

So as you can see I've been busy XD

Big news time, my HNMLS "DLV" took our first shot at Jailor of Love! We did great til someone accidentally CFH at 40%, at which time we called it a night. Overall frustrating night, with the LS tht had managed to kill him previously popped AV and held him so we couldn't pop our JoL. I hate it when people do things like this, but I digress.

RDM hit 75! I've even started to merit a bit on it! Got Phalanx II for kicks, and it seems VERY handy. (but now that RDM is 75, I'm sure I'll be more handy to endgame stuff.

Smithing also hit 100! Working on the insane amount of GP needed for my mastersmith anvil now :/

More stuff in the next update, in class now :X

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tell me Brother, will I dream?

Well, more posts, as promised.

These have actual substance now! With 25% less spellung errurs!

....oh well. Can't say I didn't try.

Had a really great past few days in Vana'Diel. Bart got a Bahamut no.1 fight (Storms of Fate) organized, and I got to come as my nearly deceased Black Mage (Promathia ate a sizeable chunk of my exp AND buffer, leaving me 5000 exp to 75...again), and despite being a bumpy ride, pulled off a miracle win.

Though I have to say, I REALLY wish I had brought a ReRaise item with me. I died a lot.

Especially at the end. Who knew he could Gigaflare as he died :/

On Sunday I was supposed to be in sky for god pops, but was feeling generally crappy and sick (much like the rest of the city) so I opted to pass. Bleh.

Monday greeted me with more sickness (and a short work day), and because of a ZM16 run, I missed my Assault Static. We've been on a bit of a hiatus for a few weeks, so hopefully we can muster 4 new runs on Friday.

On the ZM16, the 1st form of the midget Zilart is rather straightforward; sleep the orbitals and nuke + melee down his shield. Not too bad an issue right? Right. Second form, oi.

He resets hate randomly (much like the Wamoura in the ISNM "Tough nut to crack"), so tanking is pretty much a non-issue here. He teleports around like Nightcrawler on crack doing various WS that to terrible things (terror, for one). Lost the first try with him nearly dead (I forgot I have nukes and chainspell...) and mowed him down the second try. Sweet dreams shorty.

Blue Mage is 63 now, and with my HNMLS needing more BLU, well, I write off not being in sky as "leveling BLU for the greater good". Or something along those lines.

My spell list is looking peachy too! Got Frenetic Rip (1/3 not counting the imps that never used it), Spinal Cleave (1/5ish Thank you Amii and BB, I kidnap you guys for spells far too often), and a few others. My spell list still has a few holes in it, but that's nothing compared to my TO LEARN list, IE spells I can learn within my level range. These are:

Yawn (Apkallu)
Voracious Trunk (Marid)
Frost Breath (Ugly Range Raptors only)
Diamondhide (Trolls)
Enervation (Also Trolls)
Warm up (Mamoolies)
Firespit (unhygienic, but from Mamools too)
Tail Slap (Merrow)
Hysteric Barrage (Lamia)
Amplification (Flan)
Cannonball (Wamoura {the roachy kind})
Heat Breath (Kirin minors aka Manticore)
Disseverment (Dagger wielding Aern)
Saline Coat (Squids! Also known as Xomit)

As anyone with eyes can see, I have my work cut out for me. Oi.

Til next time folks~

Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack


With a new year here, I figured I'd resolve to update this thing a lot more.

Also to stop running people down with my van.

One thing at a time eh?

I'm currently attending my last semester (wooo) of college, so this is grounds for celebration!

Since my last post, I've accomplished a LOT here in Vana'diel, most notably, I finished CoP!
Angels sang from the heavens as I got my last Cinema Scene in Lufaise Meadows, trumpets blasted, virgins threw themselves on m-

Okay. I made that last part up. I'm sure they've been around the block a few times.

They funny thing is, I did from the Mithra Trackers BCNM to the End BCNM with Promathia in UNDER A WEEK. I know. Let that stew in your head for few. Some people take over a year to go that far. I had a stellar group with some people from Sleeplessknights, the whole affair was very well executed.


Mithra Trackers: 1/1
Snoll Tzar: 1/2
One to be Feared (Ultima/Omega): 1/1 (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
A Warriors Path: 1/1 (MUAHAHAHAHA)
When Angels Fall: 1/4 (I was gimp and didn't have Sleepga II til the last run >_>)

I must say either we were very skilled, or stupid lucky. This does not mean the battles were easy though.

On a side note, I hate Zdei.

Hate. Zdei.

I also got accepting into the prestigious endgame linkshell "Death List V", whom I attended a Sea god run with. I was excited to fight a god again, but much to my chagrin, Jailor of Temperance is a GIANT ZDEI. Seriously. GAH.

My Dragoon is now level 70, and my Blue Mage (new main >_>) is now level 61. I will take BLU to 75, mainly for because the AF is just so damn sexy. My spell list only has a few holes in it (Radiant Breath, Frightful Roar, Stinking gas, Frypan, Body Slam), but I've got the most important spells for the next few levels.

This includes the terribly hard to get Frenetic Rip.

Damn Imps.